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Thursday, October 25, 2007


It's my 4-year wedding anniversary today. It's kind of funny to say that, because I guess it's my husband's anniversary too, right?

I look at it like this - You (husband) need to give me (wife) gifts and take me to dinner to let me know how happy you are to be married to me...and I (wife) give you (husband) a card because your gift is the fact that you are happy and married to me. Makes perfect sense to me!

Actually, this year I am surprising Husband because I have a gift for him that will hopefully be near the top, if not the top, of all gifts ever received. You see, Husband is a Redskins fan, 100% born and bred Redskins fan. Of all the different teams that have played together as Redskins, his all-time favorite player is John Riggins. It probably is this reason that our puppy is named John Riggins, Jr. aka 'Riggo'.

Husband sent me these beautiful roses to my office today (he gets double bonus points because of course all the ladies 'ooh & aah' and then the men feel like they need to be better husbands as well because of course they didn't send flowers to their wives in ages):

For my part - I got Husband THIS:I hope that he loves it, as I suspect he will. He has several Redskins jerseys, but this one is his all-time favorite player. Now he can stop lusting after all the #44 jerserys at the Redskins games when we go and he can be one instead.

You think that I may get bonus points now too? I think that his friends will be quite impressed.


Mary said...

Well, I think your hubby and I would get along well, because Riggo is probably my all-time favorite player. Perhaps followed closely by Art Monk. I've been lusting after one of those jerseys, but was a little daunted by the price. You're tempting me to take a second look, though....

There's no doubt -- you're a good wife! ;-)

Jenny Raye said...

Major, major bonus points!!! My dh has been buying his own jerseys on ebay. He has a few of the current players, of whom Cooley is his fav. But the one I think he treasures the most is his Darrell Green throwback jersey.

Suzanne said...

Nice move on both your parts! The flowers to the office DO rock the house!

Guys are hard to buy for, but you definitely picked a winner! Congrats to you both-

marie said...

happy anniversary!! Flowers at the office are one of the greatest joys in life.

Great gift. I know he'll love it!

Robin said...

Happy Anniversary!!! Your hubby did very well! Beautiful flowers and to the office - extra points indeed! I'm sure he LOVED your gift! From what you posted, it's perfect for him. We had my son's wedding in the 'Burg on the 13th and I posted pictures. The weather could not have been more perfect. October - great month for weddings!!