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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

October Rockin' Sock Club & more

I started my first sock of the October shipment last night and so far, in love. The first 'set-up' rounds are a bit challenging for me, but only because of all the Purls and p2tog's and what not. I can purl, and I don't mind purling, but I'm not the fastest purler on the block. But I have been told that once I get past the set-up, it is pretty smooth sailing. I'm counting on that.

They are starting to look like the picture. I was a bit worried at first because the 'points' weren't there...but lo & behold, they appeared as I moved further down the cuff. And I must say, I am still in love - with the yarn, with the pattern, with everything.

Again, the yarn is beautiful with the reds and deep purples running thru it and this pattern is truly inspired.

I do have another FO for October, but it isn't a sock...it's another Roll Brimmed Hat from "Getting Started Knitting". This is just a fun hat to make - it's my 3rd so far, and I made this one from leftovers from my other 2 hats...both are Debbie Bliss Cashmerino yarn and I just changed yarn whenever the urge struck. I had more of the cream color than I did of the camel...

Just a couple weeks ago, I had posted about the new podcast from Vicki Howell...and I won one of the contests on her blog by doing so. I received my package this week:

A book, Lion Brand Just Gifts; a skein of "Love" yarn in the Harold & Maude colorway and a Vicki Howell pin. Very cool!

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tapmouse said...

Yes, definitely a most awesome kit and by far my favorite of them all! Glad you're joining for another year!

And don't worry, you will get through the cuff soon enough. I just got to the heel flap on my first one. This is the quickest I've ever gone on a sock kit. I have many unfinished!-lol!

Leslie ;)