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Sunday, December 16, 2007

Greetings from Sunny California

California is beautiful! I haven't been out here in over a decade and it's changed quite a bit but it is still just as gorgous as ever.

The best part of it is spending time with both of my sisters, an early holiday treat...and then there is the beautiful niece and very handsome nephew.

I am actually very fortunate and lucky because after a couple of days with the baby sister and her children, I get to go to Louisiana with the other sister and spend time with her two children and mom for Christmas. It has been way too long since I have spent the actual Christmas holiday in Louisiana with my family so I'm really looking forward to it. Can you say PRALINE(Pr-a-lean)?! Now, it must be pronounced correctly or my mother may let you have one...and trust me, they are a very nice treat.

While in California, one of my sisters and I are going to be attending a taping of The Ellen DeGeneres show. The taping is tomorrow but we're not sure what day it will be on yet. It's one of her 12 Days of Christmas shows too...but I won't be posting about what we get until after she has it up on her site so don't be looking here spoilers...

Well, this is a brief post but there was just a small lull in the activity of baking about 6 different kinds of holiday cookies...

I will post more, with pictures, from Louisiana later in the week.


Mary said...

Okay, well, if you get pulled on stage, you better let us know so we can watch! Here's hoping she hands out Christmas presents like Oprah does! :-)

berit said...

what'd you get? what'd you get? what'd you get?