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Monday, May 12, 2008

Weekend Recap

Our weekend started with a relatively uneventful Friday night. Just the typical Date Night and dinner out with the hubby. It was fun and something that I look forward to every week - it makes the week bearable knowing that we will have some time together on Friday night. If this isn't something that you and your SO do on a regular basis, I highly recommend it. Date Night is awesome and it doesn't have to be anything extravagant - just a chance to spend time together.

Hubby had to work both days this weekend because of events going on at his work. One of his work commitments was a Black Tie event on Saturday night. This isn't the kind of thing that we usually do, but it was fun to get all dressed up and have a night out on the town. Of course, boys are lucky - they just go and rent a tux and they are done. And the tux comes with shoes and everything! Girls have to do the whole find a dress, find the shoes, get the nails done, do the hair, etc. So Saturday for me was filled with all of this. But I think that the final product was well worth the effort. The photo is not that great, but that's what happens when the youngest son is responsible for the photos.

Sunday - Mother's Day! I think that every day should be Mother's Day because a Mom's work is NEVER done. There's always something to do it seems like, no matter what day of the week it is. There's still laundry, cooking, cleaning, etc. I did get out of the cooking thing yesterday, though!
Since Hubby had to work, my boys took me out to breakfast and then to see a movie. If you haven't seen Iron Man yet, I highly recommend it. Robert Downey, Jr. is really great in this role and hopefully there will be more to follow.

The boys also presented me with a wonderful mother's day present - New Chuck Taylors! I know that you have probably seen these around in Blog Land, but I had not been able to find them in a store because they were SOLD OUT! And Journey's is the only store that carries them. They are perfect for wearing with my hand knit socks. So here's some pictures of them with my Serendipity socks, the January Socks that Rock club installment. Aren't they awesome!

And there was knitting done this weekend as well - promise. My Toe-Up Monkey socks that have been on time-out were brought back out and started once again.
This time on size 2's since the last try was on size 1's and they fit but were a little on the tight side. I'm also doing a little variation on the sole stitches. It's an 8 Round pattern so on the Odd rounds I am just knitting the sole stitches then on Rounds 2 & 6 I'm doing a *S1, K1* and then on Rounds 4 & 8 I'm doing a *K1, S1*. I'm thinking that hopefully this will make for a sturdier foot and so far, I like the way that it looks.

I hope that everyone had a wonderful weekend. Aside from the weather, it turned out to be a pretty nice couple of days. Unfortunately spoiled by having to return to work today, but I guess that all goods things have to end at some point.


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why is his face blocked out?

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