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Friday, March 20, 2009

Wicked Ways

Have you seen this? How cool is this going to be? I mean, seriously?!?!

Woolgirl has done some other Wizard of Oz kits in the past, but a whole club devoted to nothing but Wizard of Oz...so very cool! She's had Glinda the Good Witch just recently, and there was the Wicked Witch of the West. I wish I had gotten that one!

If you haven't checked out Woolgirl yet, you should. She rocks! Her customer service is second to none, her packages are put together with lots of love, and she's just a gosh-darn good person. Check her out and I guarantee she will become your first place to shop (if you're a knitter, that is).

Also...did you see? Wicked is coming to Norfolk! I'm really trying to convince the hubby to take me. I'm not sure that he would enjoy it as much as I would, but I've read both of the first couple of books (Wicked & Son of a Witch)...and I got Lion Among Men for my birthday but I haven't read it yet...it's on the list.

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