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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Very First Posting - EVER

Ok...well, I have put it off and put it off, but have decided that it is time to have my own blog. I am new to this but hope to post info on my day-to-day kind of boring life and the fun that I have knitting with one of my best friends at work and away from work.

My husband and I went to Greece this summer. It was the second trip that I have won to this wonderful country (I know, I know...I've heard it all...but I have yet to win the lottery so I have a way to go).

This is a picture of us before we went to an ancient theater to see "Othello" presented entirely in Greek. It was an amazing production.

We spent a few days in Athens and had dinner with the owners of Korres Natural Products (the sponsors of our trip this time). They were very nice and we had an incredible dinner. Of course, he ordered in Greek and we just trusted that we would eat what came out of the kitchen. Lucky for us that it was all delicious. So was the wine.

After spending some time in the city of Athens we flew to the Island of Chios which is just about 3 miles from the shore of Turkey. It was beautiful there and very relaxing. Just what the doctor ordered. Here I am sitting just inside a cafe along the beach relaxing with a Mythos (the local Greek beer) and bottle of water. This is the life!

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Mary said...

I get first comment -- w00t! Oh, that trip to Greece looks fabulous -- I'm envious! :-)