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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Getting Started Knitting

How did I get started with knitting in the first place? Well, I started knitting in March of this year. I had been working with someone for about 6 months and giving her a hard time about her knitting, you know like this is for Grandmas and all of that stuff. Then, I broke down and asked her to teach me. She told me to pick out a pattern for a scarf and that she would teach me what I needed to know. So, I picked out this pattern for the Rockstar Scarf.

I decided on different colors and also that this was going to be for my mom, my very first knitting project. Well, needless to say, I was hooked. Before I had even finished my first scarf I was looking for something else to make.
I finished Rockstar a few weeks later (it was really little baby sticks that she had me knitting on - yes, I picked the project but I didn't know that the size of the sticks, needles, made a difference in how fast you could knit).

Here's my very first finished scarf! I was very proud of it and presented it to my mother in November and she loved it!

My second project was for a scarf for my youngest sister. She's a San Diego Chargers fan and her favorite color is yellow so her scarf is in Charger Gold. I got the pattern and yarn from Morehouse Farms. It was a little strange to me that I was suppose to knit this entire scarf and then on the last row I had to drop every other stitch and 'on purpose' let the thing unravel all the way down to the end! It ended up looking pretty cool, but I had worked really hard at not dropping stitches and now these pattern designers were telling me that was what I was suppose to do. Crazy!

So, here's her scarf that I came up with. She loved it, thankfully, and promised to wear it to a Chargers game if it ever gets cold enough in San Diego to do so! I guess that would be a drawback to living somewhere that usually has mild temps - you don't get to wear really cool scarfs and stuff.

That's enough for now. I'll have to get into my bugging the 'friend' to teach me how to knit socks next time. For now, I leave you with scarfs!

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Mary said...

Hey Monet, Welcome to Blogland! Congrats on your finished scarves. Enjoy sock-knitting! :-)