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Sunday, April 1, 2007

Already April...

Very little knitting has been done this weekend. I am at the point on both socks where they are the same length and I am ready to start the heel. I don't know if I will attempt that tonight, or wait until I am at work tomorrow so Friend can help me if I encounter a problem. It will be my first attempt at a short-row heel...and unlike the toe, I will be very upset if I have to rip back. I have been working on 0's for what seems like FOREVER, and I'm about to go up to 1's but still...I'm really looking forward to starting on the leg with my 3's.

After our 10K yesterday we both felt like we had been run over by a truck. It didn't start out so bad, and we were really doing pretty good...right up until we actually stopped walking. And by that, I mean after we had walked an additional mile or so to where I had to park my car. When you have just over 25,000 of your closest friends in downtown Richmond doing a race, there really is no where to park.

We saw these people running and they were hysterical! They each won the individual and group awards for dressing up.
First you have Fred Flinstone and Dino...I have no idea how this guy carried this car all the way to the finish line.
Then, you have the Austin Powers group...HYSTERICAL!!! Dr. Evil and Mini-Me were so funny...but those costumes had to be HOT!

And you know, after absolutely ZERO training for this race, we finished just about 1 minute slower than last year. We both finished in 1 Hour, 54 Minutes and 25 Seconds. Last year our time was 1 Hour, 53 Minutes and 48 Seconds, so not bad for 2 old ladies. (Well, one old lady and me...HAHAHA!!!)

Now, you would think that my husband would feel sorry for me, right? I mean, I got up early, drove to Richmond and walked over 6 miles for a great charity...but NO! I came home and helped out with yard work, both yesterday and today. But I have pretty pictures to share.

So, first...we purchased some hanging plants last weekend - Geraniums. They are very pretty and look great on the front porch.
Well, apparently a little bird thought so too because we have a baby birds nest in one of them...and there's even a little egg.

This weekend, Husband dug up a tree that has been in our front yard for the last 2 years that we have lived here. It has not done a thing in the past two years, so up it came...he also dug some holes in another area of the yard and decided that we should plant something there too.

So I ended up walking around Home Depot yesterday (VERY SORE, mind you) and looking at plants. I was hopeful that we would not actually plant them yesterday, but rather plant them today, but that didn't happen. When Husband decides to do something, it's always RIGHT NOW. So, here is our work that we did yesterday and today.

Here is a beautiful Thundercloud Plum tree that we purchased and Husband planted (while I cleaned out all the spilled dirt in his car).
And this is what the flowers look like close-up...

I am going to plant these white and purple flowers around the base of the Thundercloud Plum Tree tomorrow...
This is the new flower bed that we planted yesterday. It's along our retaining wall and it is 4 African Daisy plants (a beautiful purple Daisy) and 4 Golden Euonymous. The color contrast is very nice and hopefully they will do well here in the sun.
And now, my puppy is ready to go inside and start watching some ESPN and getting ready for Opening Night of the 2007 Baseball Season!!!
Now if we could only teach him to fetch beers!!!

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Mary said...

That happened to me a couple years ago -- no sooner had I bought a beautiful hanging basket for the porch then a bird family moved in and I couldn't water it anymore until they moved out, so it subsequently died. Oh well. You might want to buy an extra one for when that happens.

Love the Fred Flintstone car - hilarious!

Hot baths and ibuprofen for those sore muscles!