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Friday, March 30, 2007

STR and Weekend Plans

This is getting very frustrating! I am working on my FEBRUARY Rockin Sock Club sock kit. The thing that makes it so frustrating is that I am not working on anything else, NOTHING, not one other thing on the needles. ZIP!

I seriously do not think that has happened since I first learned to knit last year.

Last Wednesday I went to my weekly knitting group and Mary took loads of pictures of everyone working on their socks. Friend has finished both of her socks and so has Blogless Lou, so I am the only one still working on mine. Friend has promised that once I turn the heel the leg will go by in no time, so I am planning on holding her to that.

I will post pictures tomorrow after Friend and I finish the Monument 10K (which should be interesting since neither of us have trained at all for it...we have been knitting instead). The 2 of us and 24,000 of our closest friends will be out there tomorrow morning in the cold. I just hope that I can still walk after this!

It's a great cause to support the Massey Cancer Center - here's to almost 6 years Cancer Free!


Mary said...

I had no idea you were a cancer survivor -- congratulations!

I admire you folks who are monogamous to your socks. I think I have adult ADD, because I can't be faithful to one knitting project.

Have a great time in the 10K tomorrow! Since you guys are walking it, perhaps you can bring your sock knitting with you, and carry it in a bag on your wrist? (If you get past the heels at home tonight, the leg knitting might be do-able while walking, maybe?) (Make Friend be your lookout, so you don't step in a pothole.) Might help make all those kilometers go by faster. Or you might be ready to fling it into the ditch at kilometer 6.

Beth said...

First, I had to laugh out loud at Mary's comment above ... it wouldn't be as funny if I didn't think it could be reality. And I can totally see you flinging the sock into the ditch.

Second, I assure you / promise / okay, pinky swear that the leg will fly by ... you're currently knitting k1:p2 and k2:p2 ribbing on SIZE ZERO needles ... the leg will fly on 2s or 3s. They'll feel like tree trunks after using the toothpicks you're using now.

Third, do think the WonderTwins will be running with us this year? You know ... our bff's Jenna and Barbara ::snark::

Fourth, my word verification for this comment is flopluz - that makes me laugh. That would make a great nickname - right up there with Poohead ... or how about Flopluz McDumbF*ck. Sorry, family show.

Fifth, can you tell that I'm really tired and loopy - almost punch drunk - and I have to get up at zero dark thirty to walk in this stupid thing? The t-shirt is so not worth all of this.

Beth said...

And the clock on your comment thing isn't right ... it's actually after midnight (12:09a.m.)