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Monday, September 24, 2007

Knitting and Football

Well, it was a busy weekend full of knitting, football and family. Unfortunately, my Washington Redskins lost after they failed to participate in the 2nd half of the game. And my Fantasy Football team with Friend, well, we were doing pretty good there and lost our match-up thanks to last night's game and TO. I am not a fan of the Dallas Cowboys - no self-respecting Redskins fan could be.

But Friend and I lost by 3 lousy points - 3!!! To the guy who is dominiating our league. We were hanging in there pretty good, too. Oh well, there's always next week when we are playing another boy that has a pretty good team. We have to pull out a win and put up a good showing for the women. It's either that, or we are going to have to teach some of our football players to knit because they certainly aren't helping us on the football field.

And on the knitting front - I had started some socks in the Nagini pattern but as I worked up the foot and turned the heel, well I just wasn't feeling it. I loved the yarn - it's STR Silkie and it's beautiful and soft and I liked the pattern on the foot...so the yarn is in a time-out once again until I find exactly what it is meant to be.

Then I started on a multi-directional scarf but the yarn that I was using just wasn't feeling it...

So, after frogging a sock and a scarf, I started The Magic Scarf from Crazy Aunt Purl. And I must say, I am liking it so far...at this point, I do not have to frog it...but it's still in the early stages. I will take pictures and post them soon.

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Mary said...

Yeah -- what the hell happened at halftime to make them suck so bad and the Giants do so well? Almost seems like someone on the other side was cheating! (Okay, that's how I comfort myself about this loss.)