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Thursday, October 4, 2007

Knitting, Football & The Admission

So, we'll start with Knitting...

Do Pedicure Socks count in Socktoberfest? I finished my first pair of them last night at our Wednesday Knitting Group at Panera. Yeah! Only October 3rd and 1 pair of socks for Socktoberfest! Like a big dork, I left my camera at home so I do not have pictures of them right now, but will post them next week. I love them and cannot wait to go and get a pedicure and wear my new socks. Of course, that means that the weather needs to cool off a bit first because right now it's still flip-flop weather.

On the Football front - Friend and I are struggling with our Fantasy Football team at the moment, but we are looking forward to hopefully some easy wins in the next few weeks so that we can move on up the leader board. Right now we are 1-3 but we have been hanging in there with the big boys who are leading the league and we are not getting smacked around like some of the other teams that they are beating. We have lost 2 games by less than 10 points each!

And now, real football - DH and I are going to see the Washington Redskins on Sunday when they play the Detroit Lions. Keep your fingers and toes crossed that the bye week has given them a chance to rest up and get ready for another win. Jason Campbell was looking great in their game against the NY Giants in the first half, but it just seemed like the whole team forgot that they were playing a football game when they came back after halftime.

And lastly, my admission...

I'm a chocoholic! There, I said it...I admit it. Unfortunately, there is not really a 12-step program for chocolate. There should be. Instead, I have found this and have been following it now for almost a week. I will tell you that it is very hard to find things in the grocery store that do not contain High Fructose Corn Syrup. It seems to be in EVERYTHING! They say that after a week or so without it, I will not miss it. I miss chocolate and will not totally forbid it, but at least for now I am considering it 'off limits'.

One of the hints regarding mindless snacking I really like - It says to play a video game to keep your hands occupied. I have changed it a little bit to - knit for a bit to keep your hands occupied. Hopefully that will prevent any mindless or boredom snacking.

So, Friend and I have been walking around the block aiming for twice a day and circling the block at least twice each time just to get moving...and I have gotten to where I am eating 3 meals a day with 2 snacks, a major change for me. I'm aiming for a change in lifestyle - I am NOT on a diet...I am working towards a new way of life. I can do this, I have to do this, and I will do this.

Whew - feels so good to get that out in the open! Of course now I feel totally exposed...best go and get a snack - apples, just plain, not dipped in chocolate.


Beth said...

Oh, but anything dipped in chocolate is so good.

We can do this ... we are doing this!

Mary said...

Have fun at the Lions game! My brother is taking his family to that, as well. Here's hoping they win one for ya (and me).

Congrats on the new lifestyle thing -- keep us posted! Especially about good non-corn-syrupy snacks!