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Monday, January 7, 2008

New Year...New Car

Well, my baby car (his name was Casper since he was white and moved at lightening speed) was a good car...he wasn't quite 4 years old but it was time for us to part ways. You see, I have quite a commute and so my poor baby had about 121,000 miles on him.

After much research and car shopping with the DH, we settled on a new Honda, which makes us a total Honda family. I got a Honda Fit Sport and don't let the small package fool ya, she's full of room. That's right - her name is Violet Beauregard. Her color is actually called Blackberry Pearl, but she's purple and she's beautiful!

And now while I miss my Casper, I think that Violet is the one who will take me into the future. How does this apply to knitting, you might ask?

If you look at the pictures of the interior of the Honda Fit Sport, you will see a "Magic Seat" arrangement which allows for some serious space in the backseat...and in the booklet on the Fit it shows a cute little alpaca that is being chauffeured around...possibly to some sort of wool festival. I tried to convince the DH that the purchase of an alpaca was necessary to go with the Honda Fit but he assured me that the alpaca is sold separately.


Robin said...

Nice car!!! So how many Llamas can you fit in your new car?

You asked about Milo, he's a Shitzu.

berit said...

violet is the perfect name--sweet wheels my love!

Suzanne said...

I LOVE THIS!These are super cute and this is a car I would seriously consider. Plus, Hondas just go and go and go.....you are sick of them long before they die. And I love the color.

Congrats on your new baby!

marie said...

how pretty! i love the honda fit. husband fella will need to replace teh truck of doom in teh next year or so and he's mentioned buying one of these.