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Monday, January 14, 2008

New Year, New Me?

Saturday was back to WeightWatchers for me. Of course, since it's the first of the year I was there with about 50 or 60 of my closest friends. The numbers will drop as we move along in the year because on Saturday mornings at 8AM there are usually about 20 or so at the absolute most.

I have 29 pounds to lose until I am at the top of where I want to be, but 40 until I would be THRILLED! So, not as bad as the very first time that I started the program, so progress has been made.

There wasn't much knitting done this weekend. I picked up the baby blanket for my SiL yesterday and knit on that while I was watching football. I did absolutely zero knitting on Saturday because I went from my meeting, to getting my hair cut, to running a couple of errands before we headed to Richmond for a friend's 30th birthday party. (Oh to be 30 again...) Then we spent time with the SiL and hubby and let the dogs play for a while. Riggo was completely and totally zonked out for bed nice and early on Saturday night.

You would think that with all that time in the car I could have knit, but I did most of the driving so that was pointless. But since I'm doing WW and counting those points, hubby was able to have a couple beers at each stop while I enjoyed Diet Coke and water.

No pictures today, but maybe I'll take a couple pics of the baby blanket later this week. I'm almost half way done with it. Think I'll have it done in time for the baby shower on the 26th? Don't know...but I'm going to try!

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