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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Snow, snow & more snow!

They were calling for snow this past weekend, and it actually snowed. We got over 2 inches of the stuff at our house. It looks very pretty covering the house and the yard, but thankfully the roads were not bad at all. They were very prepared for it.

These are pictures of our backyard (where the youngest went sledding down the hill on a trash can lid) and of the front of our house and front yard. It really is pretty and looks so "clean" with the snow on everything. We still had snow up until yesterday when it started raining. It's almost all gone now, but I think that they may be expecting more later this week.

My poor puppy hates getting out in the weather when it's cold and wet. Put them together, and it's next to impossible to get him outside.

He and the cat decided that the way to spend the afternoon was just lounging around on my oldest son's bed.

And my new car got a nice dose of snow. I didn't drive my car from Friday night until Monday morning (my DH's car is heavier than mine so better in yucky weather). She had over 2 inches of snow on the roof. And when it melted, my car was FILTHY! I had to take it in for a bath on Monday afternoon.
I did get some knitting done this weekend, but not as much as I had hoped. I'm working away on a baby blanket for the SIL. Don't know if it will be done by the shower this weekend, but it will definitely be done by the next baby shower on Feb 16th. I'll post pictures once it is complete and in her hands.

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Mary said...

Nice to see snow pictures -- I was out of town and farther south this weekend so I missed the decent accumulation in central VA.