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Monday, May 5, 2008

2008 Maryland Sheep & Wool

Another year has come and gone and what a great time! Although, unlike last year when I took loads of photos, I didn't get many this year. There was a lot to see, but I kept forgetting that I had my camera. There are several people who got loads of pictures!

We (Beth, Carol and I) left Richmond about 10:30AM and were able to get up and to the festival grounds by about 1PM. We decided that the first stop should be The Fold just to see what, if any, Socks That Rock was still available. We were so happy to see that there was still some beautiful colorways that I have been eyeing on the website in person, so I picked up 3 skeins in medium weight.

Scottish Highlands

Watermelon Tourmaline

and then there was Rockstar!

I would have picked up the Knitters Without Borders colorway, but I ordered one off the Blue Moon site on Friday that should be at my house any time.

While petting and fondling, sorry, selecting yarn at The Fold I ran into, almost literally, Turtlegirl. Once we had gotten the STR that we were after, we headed to the main building and checked out the vendors there. We stopped in at Spirit Trail and Ellens Half Pint, both are awesome! I couldn't resist some of Ellen's Merino & Bamboo blend sock yarn. I mean, how could you? The color is pretty awesome but Beth did comment that she needed her sunglasses to look at it.

I did also manage to grab some very nice boots - Ugg in nature but without the Ugg price tag. Always a plus! They came from Trawitz Sheepskin Products. I really wanted to get some last year but I didn't and I regretted it ever since. So this year, I got these. They come in Tan or Pink and Beth really thought I should get the pink ones, but I think that these will be very nice come Fall.

While in the main building we ran into Maggi from the Wednesday night Richmond group and then there was Jess who I met at The Knitting Sisters.

After a gyro and a BIG ASS BUCKET OF FRIES we headed to some of the other tents and buildings. We ran into Robin at the Brooks Farm tent. She was armed with, well an armload of yarn.

We didn't make it for the Ravelry meet-up on Saturday but that was ok. We were ready for the gathering on Saturday night. And what a good time it was! Again, no pictures because I'm a dork and totally forgot that this would be something cool to get pictures of.

It was a great party! We ran into some folks we knew, Melanie, Mary, and Blogless Lou. It was a lot of fun catching up with them. Of course, Beth and I were told that we were being a tad disruptive - sorry, that we were being totally RUDE, but I think that was just the personal opinion of someone who was up way past her bedtime. We had a great time! I was able to visit a little bit with Lolly, who Beth knew (her very first ever secret pal), and then we made some new friends from Texas. NanJo and Skitter were Super Cool!

Very exciting too was that we talked with Mary Heather for a little bit. She totally rocked! I also talked to Jess & Casey, the folks behind Ravelry and Bob's parents. So cool, so cool.

Ravelry gear was purchased - an awesome tote bag, a Bob pin and a Ravelry pin. We also picked up our "My name is" Ravelry buttons. On Sunday we had a lot of people ask us where we had gotten our bags.

On Sunday I also picked up some very lovely yarn from The Sweet Shop. Isn't it pretty?

In my mail yesterday when I got home was some very nice yarn that I ordered from Donna and Valerie at Yarn4Socks. It's 2 colorways of the May Artist of the Month - Thank Ewe. They are now all sold out, it appears, but I got these 2 great colors:

Mother Lode

Purple Mountains Majesty

And since I was one of the first 50 orders of the month, I also got this cute sweather charm! If you haven't checked out their site yet, you really should. Their customer service is wonderful and they have a great selection of yarns.

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Firefly Nights said...

Looks like you had a good time. Robin said her feet hurt. My knee would never have made it, so I'll look forward to next year when I have a new knee.

Aren't you going to join RCK?