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Thursday, May 1, 2008

Phone Calls & Knitting

You know that it's never a good thing when the phone rings between the hours of 10PM & 8AM. I have been very lucky and fortunate with both my boys - no surgery, no broken bones and up until about 4AM today, no stitches.

Waking up to the phone ringing at 2:45AM you just know that something is wrong, but with who is always the question...and how bad.

Do you remember those late night study sessions back in college? Snacking on goodness knows what at 2AM? Well, that's what the Big Boy was apparently doing - whipping up something in the kitchen. Guess he thought it would taste better with a chunk out of his hand.

15 stitches and a few hours later and Big Boy is back home nursing his injured hand (his left one thankfully) but hanging in there. Luckily school is almost out for the semester for him and he only has a couple projects left to turn in and 1 test to take.

I had just had dinner with him at Panera on our regular Wednesday night knitting group.

I am currently working on Lady Eleanor (Ravelry Link, sorry). For those not on Ravelry, here's a picture, courtesy of Interweave Press. It is a beautiful stole and I will have photos of mine after this weekend. I want it to get a little bit of bulk to it before I photograph it. The book that it is from is Scarf Style, and it's worth buying the book just for this pattern.

That's all I have in me for today. With the early-morning wake-up and the long day at work, I'm ready for a nap.


Firefly Nights said...

15 stitches. Wow. That's a lot. Hope he's doing okay.

Anonymous said...

bless his heart--thank goodness we never got stitches in college- would have died from getting them at lincoln general...