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Saturday, May 17, 2008

7 Years Cancer Free

Yesterday was a very big milestone in my life - 7 years Cancer Free! Pretty awesome, actually...but I still have the feeling that some how, in some way, I'm a cheater.

Yes, I did have cancer...No, I do not have cancer now. So, yes, that makes me a cancer survivor. But mine was the easy way. I had surgery and that was it. No chemo, no radiation, I didn't lose my hair, I just had surgery and thankfully all the cancer was contained and removed. And now, 7 years later I still have a clean bill of health.

Yesterday was also the American Cancer Society Relay for Life in Williamsburg. I don't know how other places do their relay for life, but in Williamsburg it is pretty cool.

There is always a Survivor's Reception to kind of kick off the walk, and it's catered by Outback. The reception is for the Survivor and their caregiver.

After the reception, the survivor's walk the first lap of the relay...but it's led by the Colonial Williamsburg Fife & Drum Corp. I don't think that any other Relay for Life has anything that cool to lead off the first lap.

The Fife & Drum perform all around Colonial Williamsburg but it's still really neat to see them perform in person.

My Father-in-law is a new inductee into the Survivor's club so hubby and I were happy to celebrate with him and my mother-in-law last night. It was nice to have him there to share in the excitement.

But it's also a very touching and moving ceremony. Especially the young kids. And it's incredible to look out into this room of about 500 people and know that 1/2 of them are cancer survivors.

There was also knitting going on during the ceremony. I was working on one of my Toe-up Monkey socks (Ravelry link). My hubby thought it would be cute to take a picture of it...

But I finished the first one and it fits great so I am getting ready to start the 2nd one. The first one took me 6 days to finish it but I wasn't working on it for a great length of time each sitting, so I'm hoping to finish the second one by the middle of next week. They came out pretty nice, I think, and I didn't make too many modifications to the pattern. And I love the way this colorway worked up.

And I leave you with a picture of my very lazy puppy and cranky kitty cat. I'm not sure what her issue has been lately, but she has been attempting to escape from captivity (the house) and she has been complaining (meowing) about anything and everything.


Channon said...

Congrats to you and your father inlaw, but the sock and that adorable pup of yours are what really caught my eye!

Firefly Nights said...

Congratulations on your seven year anniversary. Let's hope it stays that way for a LONG time.