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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Medical Updates

OK...well, I said that neither of my sons had ever had stitches, broken bones, etc. back at the beginning of the month...then the oldest ended up with 15 stitches...

Yesterday, the youngest broke a finger! Playing basketball at school in gym class. The worst part is, it's thru a growth plate so we have to go and see an orthopedist on Friday. Since I'm having surgery tomorrow (Thursday), looks like hubby will have to take him for that appointment. I don't know that I will even feel like riding with him, but we'll see how I feel.

Luckily, both boys hurt their left hands and they are both right handed. Oldest had the stitches out and now just a small scar across the knuckle of his pointer finger on the left hand. Youngest has a temporary cast on his hand at the moment and is keeping it elevated and iced until he sees the doc on Friday.

On another medical note, Friend is having surgery today on her neck. You can read all about it on her blog as to the exact kind of surgery and all, but let's just say that it's not going to be a walk in the park. Her surgery starts around 1PM so if you get a chance, please send a prayer her way. Until I get the chance to see her after she comes out of recovery, I will worry. So it will be off to the hospital after work for me...I'll update when I get a chance.


Mimisgirl said...

I didn't realize you were having surgery. Good luck!! I'll be thinking about you tomorrow.

Judy W

Channon said...

I'd missed too that you're having surgery. Do you and FRIEND have to do *EVERYTHING* together?! You're both in my thoughts and prayers. (My sister had the same surgery as Friend three years ago...) Wish I was close enough to say call me if you need me, or to bring dinner over for your guys!

berit said...

surgery and not even a post about it? i'm praying for you and the boys and your friend. love and miss you so much.
hey, on another topic- i'm wearing blue hair extensions to bridezilla's wedding- i couldn't post that on my blog but i'm showing up to rehearsal with them in. i figure its just the kind of thing you would expect from me as part of my bridesmaid duties.
love and miss you,