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Friday, February 13, 2009

Just because

What do you get when you have a very talented son who is in Art School and lots of begging???

A yarn bowl! He came to our knitting group on Wednesday night and surprised me with this beautiful bowl...and I'm trying to convince him that he needs to make more and sell them. Because there's a groove for the yarn to slide thru rather than a hole, you don't have to cut your yarn to change colors.

Do you think anyone would buy these?

Of course when he came in with it, everyone else was wondering where the rest were...but I have a feeling he might be working on that...

I'm also making progress on my February Lady Sweater. I think that I only have a couple more repeats to get it to the length that I want and then I'll get to work on the sleeves. But so far, so good. Not bad for my very first sweater!


Channon said...

The sweater is looking good, and I would most certainly buy one - or two. I like that design far better than the "hole" one.

Firefly Nights said...

There most certainly is a good market for yarn bowls. Just ask the Knit Witch. I've bought two from her. Unfortunately, they end up holding more than yarn. Just when you start a project where you could use one, you find it's full of "stuff".

Cat said...

Hey! How's production coming on those bowls? I think it's a great idea!