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Saturday, March 10, 2007

Correction - 4th time?!

Well, I thought that I had turned the corner on the toe of my Inside Out STR socks, but alas, I was wrong.

I was doing well right up until I had to unzip the provisional cast-on and pick up the stitches. It was going ok and I was preparing the set-up row and BAM! Totally misread the pattern...it snuck up on me. Of course this could have been because I was up at 3:45AM unable to sleep, but I'm sure that had NOTHING at all to do with it.

How did I mess up, you ask...well, I realized what I did and it was the TINKing that I screwed up on...

Totally and completely FROGGED once again.

But, on a positive note - I just crocheted my very first chain to re-start my sock once again!!! Friend had to do the other one because I was proving to be a bit 'crochet-challenged' but I think that I figured it out. I think that it also helped that there was not a table full of chatty knitters and all the other folks at Panera's when Friend was trying to show me how to do it...

So, I will press on and hopefully this will be the last time that I cast on for this particular sock in the pair!


Beth said...

Yeah you for crocheting the chain!!!! And yeah you for realizing what your mistake was!!! That's half the battle. I know you'll get it and then you'll be a pro at provisional cast-on and short rows!

And yes, we'll miss you tonight. I still say you should come with!

Mary said...

The other three tries were just swatches! And congrats on your crochet chain!