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Friday, March 9, 2007

Skinny Scarf and STR

Here's the picture of "the scarf" that I promised. I have it stretched down my stairs to try and show just how long it actually is, but I don't think that it shows it off too well.

Here's a close up of the colors.

Last night I did start again, for the third time, my Inside Out STR socks and so far, so good. I guess the knitting god & goddess are looking out for me. Actually, I started doing a little bit of a cheat on the pattern. I couldn't remember what I had done on a row and to which stitch, so I got sticky notes and am making notes to myself. Hopefully that will get me thru the first part of this but I'm sure there will be something to try and trick me up ahead! I just keep telling myself that it's only sticks and string and I can make it do whatever I want it to do. It does not control me. Of course, that mantra does not work when I am in my LYS and yarn (lately it seems to be the Debbie Bliss CashMerino that is the guilty party) just seems to jump into my bag and magically appear at the counter when I am checking out.

When I have some more progress to show on my new socks, I will certainly show a picture. Right now, it only looks like this:


Beth said...

I know you can handle the Inside Out socks - I told you that from the beginning. And using a sticky note to track your progress is not a cheat - quite smart, actually!

Mary said...

That is one hell of a long skinny scarf -- props to you for casting on so many stitches, and not shooting yourself before you got through an entire row.

Congrats on starting the socks -- you'll get there. Beth is right -- sticky notes are not cheating. Just like your knitting needles, they are just a tool to help you complete the task at hand.

P.S. Thanks for the kinds words on my blog today. :-)